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Larry has been awesome. I was unable to purchase a home because of inaccurate collections reported on my credit. I tried to take care of them myself with no success. I only wish I had contacted Larry sooner. I am now able to purchase a home for my family and with my increase credit score my mortgage rate is very competitive.


Wow you guys have really done a great job with my credit report. If you are patient results will take place and its definitely worth the time and patience.


Hello. I applied for a mortgage last week and I received a credit report in the mail. My score is now 717. I was at 599 when I started this. Never thought it was possible!

-Scott Taylor

Working with Tim Spurrier was a pleasure. He explained the process clearly and completely and was patient to explain things I did not understand. I would recommend ACS to anyone needing results…

-John B

I was approved to purchase A house at a substantial amount and a great interest rate yesterday. My credit score has increased 84 points since I contracted with Allied. I am excited and very thankful for the assistance thus far.

-Scott T


I was a bit leery of these services in general. After reading many mixed reviews i decided to give this company a shot. So far i have had a great deal of negative reports removed from my credit. My score has increased over 50 points. My credit limits have increased drastically. My car insurance has went down. I have started to receive various pre qualified credit offers in the mail that I would have never been qualified for in the past. This has been money well spent so far…


Jeff has been great to work with very smooth operation. Thank You


Jeff is the best getting this put together Nice system to repair credit not slow but right on Target.

-Terry Wicherski

The team at Allied has been incredible! They have helped me every step of the way. Several accounts were deleted very quickly and my credit score improved over 100 points making home ownership something I could never have done without their help! ~B Cline, Lewisville, TX

-B. Cline

I just wanted to thank the “Allied” team for everything you all did throughout this process. You really went out of the way to help me, even when I was being difficult. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. Again a sincere Thank you from my whole family, we have now the home we have always wanted. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without your help. 

-Blake S.-New York

Larry, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You did it! I am closing on my home Thursday! Thank you, you did in 6 months what would have taken me at least a year.


I just got a letter from AMEX saying they removed my credit restrictions on my green card! Yay!

-Brenda S - CA

Wow! I am blown away by the improvement to My credit score! I had given up hope that My credit could be restored but it is!. It looks like My dream of being a home owner will soon be My reality, Thank You so much Kelly,

-Kevin R. - Maryland

I am amazed at how much has been removed from my credit report…I am truly shocked and impressed at the results!!!


I’m totally blown away, I have to admit, I was very skeptical and had serious doubts. I wish I had known about this service 5 years ago…I would not have been spinning my wheels, thinning my hair, biting my nails and having my blood pressure go through the roof had I only known. I’m really impressed. I’ll even be more so when I see that score come up and I’m buying my home. When our house closes Kelli you and the crew are invited to dinner! T

P.S. I’m blown away about you getting the car off!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! HUGS to you all! If this is the first 45 day’s I really can not wait to see what the next 45 hold! And we found the house we wanted! Yippy. We just need to get the credit and money on the same page and we’re set

-Tonya - Utah