Things to Consider

If you are serious about restoring your credit here are some tips to ensure you are not taken advantage of. We at Allied Credit Solutions would love to assist you with your credit issues. Whether or not you do business with us, please make sure the company you do business with is operating legally, and can actually produce the results you need. Want more information CLICK HERE to contact us now.

1) Do they charge a Monthly Maintenance fee?

Allied Credit Solutions does not charge a Monthly Maintenance fee, so our goal is the same as yours, to restore your credit as quickly as possible. This is why we have developed a program and process designed around your circumstances. Many companies DO however charge a monthly fee anywhere between $59 to $120 a month. This, in our opinion, isn’t in your best interest. This only entices a company to drag their feet on the process and your results so that they can continue to collect their monthly fees from you for as long as possible. Traditionally, these companies only “DISPUTE” accounts with the Credit Bureaus (you can do this yourself). Additionally, the majority of these companies pick only a couple of your accounts each month to dispute. This will ensure their program will drag on and on…

2) Will they review your credit reports for free, BEFORE you sign up with them?

Allied Credit Solutions offers a FREE detailed credit analysis and educational consultation, to all prospective clients so they can better understand their current credit situation and how it affects them in their daily activity and what we can do help. We even have our own Credit Monitoring site available to all of our clients, to ensure your are able to see exactly what we are doing and what is on your credit reports directly from the credit bureaus at all times.

3) Do they ONLY send dispute letters to the credit bureaus or will they validate the debt directly with creditor or collections agencies and dispute matters of public records if necessary?

Allied Credit Solutions’ Custom Tailored Petition based program which includes investigations with the Consumer Credit Bureaus and direct communication with the Original Creditors, Collection Agencies, and entities housing matters of public record (i.e. courts) when necessary. We believe that resolving the problems at the source is the only way to maximize the potential for success for each and every client. We handle everything on your behalf; we just ask that you mail the correspondence you receive to us ASAP so we can begin the next phase of our program.

4) How long does their credit restoration process take?

Here at Allied Credit Solutions our clients often will see the most results within the first 90-120 days.  Overall, we will maintain legal compliance and our process will not exceed 180 days.

5) Is the company operating legally?

Allied Credit Solutions, LLC. operates within the laws set forth by the Federal Trade Commission and the States Regulatory Compliance Codes.

6) Is the company bonded?

Allied Credit Solutions is fully Bonded and Insured for your protection.

7) Is the company registered with the Secretary of State?

Allied Credit Solutions, LLC is Registered with the Secretary of State as a Credit Services Organization.

8) Do they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

With many years of success with our clients, we are so confident, that we can offer a NO RESULTS-NO CHARGE 100% money back guarantee. It is written right into our contract.

Allied Credit Solutions, LLC is looking forward to assisting you with all your credit needs. Let us know when you are ready to get your life restored.

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