Our Process

Lets Keep It Simple: 

  1. Contact Us for a FREE Credit Report Evaluation. Don’t have a Credit Report, No Problem – We have a Solution. Contact Us: or Call Us: (800) 901-8122

  2. We will help you better understand your credit report and your consumer rights.

  3. We will customize a program that best fits YOUR circumstances. We don’t use a “GENERIC” program like most companies. Your credit doesn’t look like your neighbors does it? Probably Not! So what works for them may not for you. Let us help you decide on whats best for you.

  4. Of Course, Price? Everyone’s case is different. Why would you pay the same amount if your credit requires less work? That’s not fair…. right? Of Course Not!! Contact Us today, and lets find the right solution for you.

Credit Repair and Credit Restoration Services are very unique. Be confident that if you need assistance to repair your credit you have found the right partner. We have helped thousands of consumers just like you.