Our Process

Lets Keep It Simple: 

  1. Contact Us for a FREE Credit Report Evaluation. Don’t have a Credit Report, No Problem – We have a Solution. Contact Us: or Call Us: (800) 901-8122

  2. We will help you better understand your credit report and your consumer rights.

  3. We will customize a program that best fits YOUR circumstances. We don’t use a “GENERIC” program like most companies. Your credit doesn’t look like your neighbors does it? Probably Not! So what works for them may not for you. Let us help you decide on whats best for you.

  4. Of Course, Price? Everyone’s case is different. Why would you pay the same amount if your credit requires less work? That’s not fair…. right? Of Course Not!! Contact Us today, and lets find the right solution for you.

Credit Repair and Credit Restoration Services are very unique. Be confident that if you need assistance to repair your credit you have found the right partner. We have helped thousands of consumers just like you.

Free Credit Report Analysis

Our team of certified credit experts will review your TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax credit reports. They will go over the information with you, line by line, to determine exactly what is affecting you and explain how consumer credit reports work. 

Custom Tailored Plan of Action

If you decide that you would like to proceed with our new custom tailored multi-phase program, your credit expert will put together a plan of action, assisting you in order to get your inaccurate and unverifiable information removed from your consumer reports in accordance with the FCRA, HIPAA, FCBA and other consumer laws. Allied Credit Solutions, LLC uses a variety of techniques in their process. Generally speaking Allied uses a petition based model to petition not only the bureaus, but your creditors, collection companies, and court offices in accordance with Title 15 U.S.C. 1681 (United States Code). This process goes to the root of the problem. Our process is unlike any companies in the industry. Our process has been reviewed by Legal experts to ensure that only accurate/verifiable information is on your credit reports. Contact us today to learn more on how this process would apply to your situation.

Send Any Correspondence To Us

Once you have engaged our new custom tailored multi-phase program, we will send you a welcome letter with instructions and your minimal responsibilities. This is all very simple because we do almost all of the work for you. 

You will begin to receive correspondence from credit reporting agencies within the first 30-45 days. Simply send any/all correspondences to us using the labels we have provided to you with your welcome letter. Then, we’ll do the rest of the work.

We Will Send You Updates

You can monitor our efforts and success through our e-mail update system and our online client login system, which we will send you based on the correspondence you will provide us. You will then be provided with an e-mail of these results from us within three (3) days after receiving the correspondence from you. You can rest assured knowing that everything possible will be done to help you reach your credit goals. 

Your Results

Watch your credit start to improve. We will continue to challenge any negative items on your credit report for 180 days to maximize your outcome!

What Makes Us Different?

To date, Allied Credit Solutions, LLC has had a positive and successful track record in helping ALL of its clients, whether dealing with late payments, charge offs, or bankruptcies. Our credit experts have the know-how and skill to develop a solution for virtually any credit problem. We have a new custom tailored multi-stage process unmatched in the industry. We even have an on-staff attorney to ensure all the rules and regulations are being followed strictly. To assure that we are always able to help, we continually research new and innovative ways to restore credit, ensuring our clients always obtain maximum results.